BASELWORLD 2017 Hall 1.2 W02 Les Ateliers

BASELWORLD 2017 Hall 1.2 W02 Les Ateliers


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Sneak Peek: What to Expect at Basel 2017 

From March 23th until the 30th, Baselworld will make our clockwork dreams come true, expect hundreds of thousands of visitors hungry for the latest timepieces from the best manufacturers in the world, a true showcase of the elite.

The city of Basel plays a really important role in the European jewelry and luxury watch market, as well as art market and the world. Holding two world renown events every year, Baselworld and Art Basel, where the latter includes international spin-off in both Miami and Hong Kong, Basel is one of Europe’s most influential cultural centers. It goes without saying that it is also the city with the highest density of art galleries in the world, with over 40 art galleries/museums in a space of 37square kilometers.

The recently founded Swiss brand best defines its style as a “Luxury of Tomorrow”. Producing fine pieces of watches and jewelry, Gvchiani is led by Shant Ghouchian who has an avant-garde notion of luxury which can be easily seen in his modern pieces. The Big Square Chronograph is one of the brand’s most distinguished timepieces to be presented at Basel, displaying a lengthened dimension and showing no traditional characteristics whatsoever. “Designed by brand founder Shant Ghouchian, the hands move as if by magic beneath this signature X as if to symbolize Gvchiani’s arrival in the elite circle of luxury watchmaking.”



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