The Luxury of Tomorrow

Coming from several generations of artisans, Shant Ghouchian is the founder of GVCHIANI.

Born in Teheran on 3 March 1983, his mother was a housewife and his father was an engraver and stone-setter. In 1986, when Shant was three years old, his parents moved the family to Switzerland. It was there that Shant did his entire schooling.

Fascinated by Judo and the nation of Japan, Shant placed his foot on a tatami mat for the first time when he was eight years old. A few years later, he competed in the sport, moving up in category every year until he reached Heavyweight and obtained a Black Belt.

Alas, when he was 11 years old, his life was turned upside down with the death of his mother and his younger brother. This intense sadness and lack of love transformed the young man, giving him an unimaginable strength that allowed him to move forward, to push his limits, to move the bar ever higher. Shant was greatly inspired by the creativity and capacities of human beings, and realized one day that there were different paths to achieve life’s goals.

Sports became important to him and his journey in this realm was helped by three mentors: Mr Pierre Oschner, lawyer and former president of the Swiss Judo Federation; Mr Gilles Spaggiari, former Judoka competitor on the French team; and Mr Dominique Hischier, former Judoka competitor on the Swiss team. Thanks to their support, Shant trained at several Swiss and international levels, such as Kodokan in Tokyo, Kangeiko in Tenri, and the INEF à Paris, followed by tournaments in Switzerland, Sweden and Paris-Kyoto.

Since early childhood, Shant had always been passionate about watches and jewellery as well as design. So, when he was 15, he entered a training program as a stone-setter at the watchmaker Patek Philippe. At the end of his training with Patek Philippe in 2003, the young man joined the family enterprise created by his father where he worked until 2008. That year, Shant decided to open his own company with the objective of becoming a reference in the world of luxury, specializing in setting unique pieces for watches, jewellery and luxury accessories.

In 2010, Shant started creating designs evoking a very masculine touch, with the ultimate goal of establishing his own brand, not as a watchmaker per se, but as an extreme designer. Each step of the way was a trial-and-error process. Thanks to his patience and expertise, however, he succeeded in reaching his goal.

In 2015, he established GVCHIANI, a firm that specializes in creating unique watches and jewellery. Headquartered in the Swiss town of Meyrin near Geneva, at 1 Chemin des Léchères, his company works with a clientele whose requests are increasingly more sophisticated and whose demands demonstrate that future customers are not limited simply by the desire to own a unique and sparkling piece.


GVCHIANI is delighted to present a world first, the Big Square, which boasts a new design – masculine, imposing and provocative – and which is an irreverent precursor to the look of the future.

The X-shaped sapphire crystal represents the unknown.

However, it seems that this could be tempered in the sense that the unknown can also be taken as a source of motivation, of something positive. In fact, while we fear the unknown, common sense tells us that the unknown is also at the heart of innovation, of everything new in our world.

The unknown gives us the opportunity to discover new things and enjoy new experiences where we come face to face with the otherness of the world.

This is completed by the alligator strap enveloping this unknown, the feel of which imbues us with a sense of tranquillity.


The love I have for my daughters is echoed in the crisp brilliance of the stones, radiating infinite colour.

Gvchiani´s distinctive style is inspired by beautiful, exceptional stones and a passion for innovative materials. The aim is to create limited edition collections which focus on the luxury of the future.


MasterBlock, a Swiss Luxury Enigma Crypto Watch

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