Created starting from the idea of the unknown, each GVCHIANI watch shows its own strength of character strength that comes from serious investment in terms of time and production, a strength that comes when irreproachable quality is combined with great sensitivity.

Shant Ghouchian has created a limited series with the Big Square. This watch is remarkable for its immediately recognizable and modern masculine design that combines virile elegance and sportiness. It stands out for its quality and finishing, and the original sapphire crystal in the form of an X represents the unknown.

Our goal is to create watches masculine, feminine, sporty, luxury each with an exceptional design using different materials, along with diamond-set versions. The watches all have new and creative designs, and are equipped with high-performance movements.

GVCHIANI does not mass-produce its timekeepers. A total of only 200 to 500 watches in a limited series will be produced each year. This includes various models for men and women, in titanium, carbon fibre, rose or white gold, all with a sapphire crystal, as well as other new materials that have not yet been used in timekeeping. In the end, each watch must be unique.

The design of this men’s watch is new, original and extremely strong, with an imposing, virile and provocative look. The BIG SQUARE represents the future for those who are searching for new and different quality products.

The goal is to present to you our enterprise and explain what we do and what we produce.

Giving birth to an exceptional timepiece requires patience, love and being honest with oneself in order to bring more value to innovation and creativity. Motivation is important to make dreams happen.

Shant Ghouchian’s goal is to maintain the connection between the clients and the brand, leading them to feel proud to own an elegant and sporty GVCHIANI, to know that they are unique in wearing an exceptional timepiece on their wrist.

Purchasing a GVCHIANI doesn’t stop with giving yourself a watch that stands out by its beauty and quality. This timekeeper will follow you for your whole life. With the purchase of a GVCHIANI timepiece, you now enter into a new universe…


Dreaming… one of life´s most rewarding aspects

Living out your dreams requires dedication.

Inspiring those around you to dream takes love and esteem.

Bringing an exceptional piece to life demands patience and staying true to oneself.

Each morning, you will be rewarded by the satisfaction of success!


Gvchiani´s distinctive style is inspired by beautiful, exceptional stones and a passion for innovative materials. The aim is to create limited edition collections which focus on the luxury of the future.

Combining elegance with a hint of sportiness is the ultimate goal.


Maintaining the relationship between the customer and the brand is key, ensuring the buyer feels unique and is proud to wear a Gvchiani piece.

Owning a Gvchiani is not simply about having a sparkling piece of jewellery.

It is about making you feel cherished, a feeling that will stay with you throughout your life.


How many mysteries does the world of watchmaking still hold?


The love I have for my daughters is echoed in the crisp brilliance of the stones, radiating infinite colour.