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Gvchiani, l’horlogerie XXL

The Brand

In March 2015, Shant Ghouchian decided to add another arrow to his quiver and launched into the world of watchmaking. He now offers a collection of atypical watches under the name GVCHIANI GENÈVE. Moving off of the well-trodden path, he decided to forego the traditional format of a round case, and to create truly avant-garde timepieces. His goal: Ignore all the traditional design codes and present elegant and sporty Swiss watch creations made of innovative materials.

This goal was superbly achieved with the first BIG SQUARE collection.

Striking in appearance, the X shape of the bezel immediately sets the tone of the watch. Gone are the round lines and the classicism so dear to traditional master watchmakers. His timekeeping vision took a 180° turn and affirms the strong visual identity of the pieces. One of the brand’s major advantages is Ghouchian’s choice of Swiss partners that allows him to manage production, from start to finish, all in Geneva.


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